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An e-bike is a bicycle with an integrated electric motor which can be used for propulsion. E-bikes that only have a small motor to assist the rider's pedal-power to somewhat more powerful e-bikes which tend closer to moped-style functionality, however, retain the ability to be pedalled by the rider.

Cycling is a sport that has grown and spread all over India in recent years. It is accessible to the young and has many important educational benefits. For example, it increases physical fitness, self-respect and respect for the environment, leadership and team-work, and social responsibility. It is a sport that can be enjoyed alone or in a group. It can take different forms, such as all terrain cycling, road biking, and riding on specialized training equipment .

There are many benefits of using an electric bicycle.

The personal benefits of electric bicycles are,it makes a lot easier to travel hills with just a little effort. People use an electric bike for running local errands, and because of the motor it is easier to use when carrying heavy packages. An electric bikes also provides exercise, but because it goes at higher speeds, the wind cools the rider and cuts down on sweating. People who use an electric bike to commute to work wont arrive at the office hot and sweaty. Some people also think that the electric bike is safer than the standard bicycle. While electric bikes are becoming a more prevalent commuting method for people in many countries who like to ride but dont like to pedal up hills.

The economic benefits of electric bicycles are better, in terms of quick payback, than insulating your home. Substituting e-bike trips for car trips saves on purchase price, insurance, and registration fees. Beyond the purchase price, cars cost about Rs 7 per km in fuel and parts. Some families will use an electric bike to augment their car use, while others will find tremendous savings by living with one less car. For some folks, theres no comparison because they dont have a license to drive and dont need one for an electric bike.

The environmental benefits include reduced pollution (CO2, NOX, tire and brake lining fragments) and reduced resource consumption (less material, fuel, and infrastructure). Reduced CO2 emissions is most important because scientific opinion is close to unanimous that global warming is already happening. The average car emits one pound of CO2 for every mile driven.

Electric bicycles also allow you to reduce your risk of living in a technology-dependent culture. Automobiles and buses may be stalled by oil embargoes, fallen bridges, and mega-traffic jams. An electric bike, a vehicle light enough to carry short distances over or around obstacles, is nearly immune. At the personal level, an e-bike owner is free of license, registration, and insurance requirements. We also provide a reality check on the bicycling around cars is dangerous myth.

E-bikes support a simple lifestyle. Theyre easy to use; just flip a switch to get a gentle, but firm, push.

Why Ardee e-bikes

ARDEE EWORLD PVT LTD has strict quality control,excellent R & D team, good aftersale,and provide best support for ARDEE EBIKES  cutomers and distributers.

We have a specialized team for electric bikes development. Compared with some European and USA manufacturer, our products have superiority of higher Performance-Price Ratio. We have developed a mature and reliable parts supply system . And We have a strict quality control system throughout the process, from parts quality check to end-product test.

Stylish award winning powerider E-Bike designed by ‘VBV’ is available at a size of 16”/20”/26”  with a removable 36V Lithium Battery. Unique designed E-Bike with 21 speed derailleur to delivery comfortable riding experience.

More gears and a longer range makes the POWERRIDER the choice for serious journeys. With a internal hub gears and DISC brakes the bike has been developed to a give super-comfortable but the low maintenance ride.

Fold your bike only in under 10 second and it take it anywhere you like and save your space. Suitable bike for fuel-conscious and space-conscious people, with 250W Brushless Motor. Also ride in comfort up to 60-65 Km on LITHIUM 36V 8/9/10Ah Battery.

Travel far and fast on the ARDEE EBIKES, powered by a 250w motor with a 430w peak output. The AEB comes with a long-lasting top rated 36V/10Ah LiFePO4 battery designed in a way inside the tube that is not visible outside. AEB is available in different color and this E bike is easy to carry by easily folding it.

The AEB is a folding e-bike with micro-sized motor provides a fast, no-effort, no-emission commute. Lightweight, in-frame lithium-ion battery provides a range of up to 60 miles. Internal cable routing provides a maintenance-free, clean, and seamless design.

AEB ARE designed uniquely easy to carry folding e-bike. Low center of gravity makes it easy to ride. No license, no registration, silent 250W motor with a range of 40km and battery capacity of 36V 418Wh.

  • First class quality with competitive price
  • Compact design, optimal use of the work areas
  • Reasonable structure, favorable performance
  • Control the load easily and position the load exactly
  • Smooth starting and stopping
  • Superior safety and reliability
  • Low noise
  • Minimum and easy maintenance, excellent exchangeability for components
  • Saving environment

Power Ride 26

  • Frame:17” 6061 aluminum alloy
  • Motor: 250W brushless geared
  • Drive model:rear wheel drive
  • Battery: Lithium-ion type, down tube mounted, 36V 8Ah pack, rechargeable cells, advanced BMS, charge time 4-6 hours
  • Charge system: smart charger with LED status display, auto cut off power when fully charged
  • User controls: power on/off switch, key Switch, easy access charger port in removable battery pack, twist throttle with battery gauge, throttle mode.
  • Derailleur: SHIMANO 3*7 speed freewheel derailleur, shifter
  • Brakes:alloy levers, disk brake, braking power off function
  • Wheels: alloy 26” double wall aluminum rims, spoke
  • Tires:CST 26” x 1.95", slime self-sealing flat tire prevention system, weather resistant
  • Handlebar/stem: aluminum, mid-rise bar and adjustable stem
  • Fork: alloy, finish-baking, shock absorber (suspension strength adjustable with lock)
  • Full suspension:alloy
  • Seat post:alloy with suspension
  • Pedals:alloy, foldable design, no-slip pedals
  • Functions: rate-limiting, overrun monitor, Low-voltage protection, Over-current protection
  • Performance: load capacity≤120kg, top speed 25km/h, range 50-60 km(rider weight, riderinput and terrain contingent).

Power Ride 20

  • Motor:248W rear brushless motor
  • Battery:36V 8AH Li-ion
  • PAS & displayer:3 PAS & LED displayer
  • Controller & sensor:6 tubes intelligent brushless
  • Stem:al alloy
  • Frame:6061 alloy. foldable. 20" /420mm
  • Tyres:20"x1.75 KENDA
  • Rim:Al alloy 20"*1.75*36H*13G CNC side wall
  • Front fork:Al alloy fork
  • Brake:Front disc brake / Rear disc brake
  • Speed gears:Shimano 6 gears
  • Rear derailleur:SHIMANO ACERA
  • Brake lever:Al alloy with power off when braking
  • Chain wheel:42T*170 ,steel crank
  • Mudguard:PP, full mudguard
  • Pedal:Foldable pedal
  • Saddle:City style saddle
  • Seat post:alloy with CNC
  • Chain cover:PC
  • Lighting:Front & rear light. LED
  • Max speed:24KM/H
  • Range: 45KM with 36V/8AH li-ion battery(PAS).
  • Max load:180KGS

Maintenance and warranty

We guarantee quality and service by offering warranty for some main parts on our electric bikes.

Warranty covers as fallows